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Academic CV

My full academic CV can be downloaded here. 

All my publications can be freely downloaded from PhilPapers here


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Grants and Awards



2021-2022: Investigating Temporally Asymmetric Attitudes and Values; K Miller and S Shpall: SRSS: AUD$5000

2020-2021: Future Bias and Valuing the Past: Miller, K., Greene, P., Tarsney, C., Tierney, H., Latham, A, and Norton, J, FRSS: AUD $8000


2019-2020: Future Bias and Devaluing the Past; Miller, K., Greene, P., Tarsney, C., Tierney, H., Latham, A, and Norton, J. SRSS:  AUD $5000.


2018-2021: Time: The Scientific and Folk Perspectives; Miller, K.,  Callender, C.,  Beebee, H.,  Braddon-Mitchell, D., Tallant, J., Baron, S., Wilson, A.  DP180100105: AUD $200 222



2017-2021: A Life in Time; Miller, K. ARC Future Fellowship,  FT170100262; AUD $908 000.


2017-2018: Time, Decision and Planning; Miller, K. Colyvan, M, Holcombe, A.O, Tymula, A, Hedden, B; Faculty Research Collaboration Scheme; AUD $39 000.


2012-2015: New agendas for the study of time: Connecting the disciplines; Price H, Rickles D,

Holcombe A.O., Miller K; Templeton World Charity Foundation/Research Support, ID15538

AUD $1,508,000.


2011-2016: A theory of theory choice; Braddon-Mitchell, D and Miller, K; Australian Research Council Discovery Project and ARC Fellowship DP110100486, AUD $575 000


2015: Time and Causation, International Research Collaboration Award; Miler, K and Beebee, H, AUD $16 000


2013: International Research Collaboration Award; Miller, K and Callender, C; AUD $15 000


2009-2013 Persistence through time and space; Miller, K. University of Sydney Fellowship AUD $360 000


2009-2012: Fundamental Ways the World could be: Challenging Metaphysical Orthodoxy; Miller, K. Australian Research Council Discovery Grant DP0987186 AUD $100 000


2006-2009: A Unitary Theory of the Individual; Miller, K; Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship DP0663936; AUD $270 000





Australasian Association of Philosophy Media Prize, Best piece of writing for a public audience; ABC Science article. 



American Association of Philosophy of Teachers Lenssen Prize for the best research articles regarding teaching and learning in philosophy published in 2014 or 2015; honorable mention for  “Female Under- Representation Among Philosophy Majors: A Map of the Hypotheses and a Survey of the Evidence”




Supra Supervisor of the Year Award: 2018


Vice Chancellor’s award for research mentoring: 2020

Academic Papers

Scholarly Book Chapters


Duncan, M. Miller, K and Norton, J (forthcoming). “Ontology Without Hierarchy” in The Question of Ontology,edited by J Cumpa, OUP.


Latham, A. J., Miller, K., Norton, J, and Russell, L. (forthcoming). “Forgiveness: From Conceptual Pluralism to Conceptual Ethics”. In The Philosophy of Forgiveness, Volume V. (eds) Court Lewis. Vernon Press. 


Braddon-Mitchell, D and K Miller (2020) “Conativism about Personal Identity” in  Derek Parfit’s Reasons and Persons: An Introduction and Critical Inquiry edited by A Sauchelli, Routledge  chapter 7, pp159-269.


Miller, K. (2020). “Metaphysical Contingentism” in the Routledge Handbook of Metametaphysics edited by Ricki Bliss and James Miller. Routledge. pp 405-420



Miller, K. (2019).  “Does it really seem as though time passes?” in The Illusions of Time: Philosophical and Psychological Essays on Timing and Time Perception, ed V Artsila, A. Bardon, S. Power, and A. Vatakis, pp 17-33. Palgrave McMillan


Braddon-Mitchell, D and K Miller (2017). “On Time and the Varieties of Science”. Pp 67-85. In Time of Nature, the Nature of Time, in Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science. Edited by Christophe Bouton.


(This book is also translated into French). 


Miller, K. (2017) “The actual world” Handbook of Mereology  pp 604-609 edited by Hans Burkhardt, Johanna Seibt and Guido Imaguire. Philosophia Verlag. 


Miller, K. (2017) “Holes” Handbook of Mereology pp 255-257, edited by Hans Burkhardt, Johanna Seibt and Guido Imaguire. Philosophia Verlag. 


Miller, K. (2016) “Persisting Particulars and their Properties”. In Metaphysics and Scientific Realism: Essays in Honour of David Malet Armstrong. Edited by Francesco Calemi, EIDE – Foundations of Ontology, De Gruyter. pp 139-157.


Miller, K. (2015) “What is this thing called metaphysics?” in What is this thing called philosophy? Edited by D. Pritchard. Routledge. Pp193-209

Baron, S. and K. Miller (2015). “Our Concept of Time” in Philosophy and Psychology of Time edited by  B. Mölder, V. Arstila, P. Ohrstrom. Springer. pp 29-52


Braddon-Mitchell, D. and Miller, K. (2015) “On Metaphysical Analysis” in The Blackwell Companion to David Lewis edited by Jonathan Schaffer and Barry Loewer. Wiley Blackwell.


Miller, K. (2014) “Vague Persons” in Vague Objects and Vague Identity. edited by Kensuke Akiba  pp109-135. Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science series Springer.


Baron, S. and Miller, K (2013) “Characterising Eternalism” pp 31-67 in Ciuni, R, Miller, K and Torrengo, G. (ed) ) New Papers on the Present. Philosophia Verlag.

Miller, K (2013) “The growing block, presentism and eternalism” in A Companion to the Philosophy of Time pp 345-365. Edited by Heather Dyke and Adrian Bardon. Wiley-Blackwell..


This paper is also translated into French.


Miller, K. (2010) “Minimalism and modality: The nature of mathematical objects.” New Waves in Metaphysics ed. 199-218, A. Hazlett London: Palgrave McMillan


Miller, K. (2010) “I’m dating my sister, and other taboos” in Dating and Philosophy: Navigating the Maze.  ed K. Miller and M. Clarke. Blackwell. 


Miller, K. (2009) “Changing the future: fate and the future” 133-146 in The terminator and philosophy, eds Richard Brown and Kevin Decker, The Blackwell Philosophy series, Wiley and Sons


Miller, K. (2008). ‘Ontology, ’Existence’ and The Role of Intuition.’ In Christian Kanzian (ed). Persistence. Ontos: Frankfurt, Paris, Ebikon, Lancaster, New Brunswick 103-118.


Articles in peer refereed journals


Latham, A. J., Miller, K. Tarsney, C. and Tierney, H. (2021). “Belief in Robust Temporal Passage (Probably) Does Not Explain Future-Bias.” Philosophical Studies. 10.1007/s11098-021-01748-4


Baron, S., Miller, K., and Tallant, J., (forthcoming). “The Harmony of Grounding.” Philosophcial Studies 


Miller, K. (forthcoming). “Against Passage Illusionism”. Ergo.


Latham, A. J. Miller, K., Tarsney, C and Tierney, H. (2021). “Robust Passage Phenomenology Probably Does Not Explain Future-Bias” Synthese 10.1007/s11229-022-03514-3


Miller, K. (forthcoming). “Tensed Facts and the Fittingness of our Attitudes.’ Philosophical Perspectives.


Latham, A. J and Miller, K. (2021). “Are the folk functionalists about time?” Southern Journal of Philosophy. 


Miller, K. and J Norton (2022) “Noncognitivism about Metaphysical Explanation” Analytic Philosophy. 


Miller, K. (2021). “Fictionalism about the Non-Present.’ Inquiry. 10.1080/0020174X.2021.1971557


Miller, K. (forthcoming). “Counterpart Theory: Metaphysical Modal Normativism by Another Name” Inquiry. 


Greene, P., Latham, A. J., Miller, K, & Norton, J. (forthcoming). “How much do we discount past pleasures?” American Philosophical Quarterly.


Miller, K. (forthcoming). “Times, Locations, and the Epistemic Objection.” Special Issue of Disputatio, edited by G Torrengo and C Mariani. 


Miller, K. (2021). “What Time-Travel Teaches Us about Future-Bias.” Philosophies 2021, 6, 38.


Greene, P., Latham, A. J., Miller, K., & Norton, J. (2021). “On Preferring that Overall, Things are Worse.” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.


Greene, P., Latham, A. J., Miller. K. & Norton, J. (2021). “Capacity for Simulation and Mitigation Drives Hedonic and Non-Hedonic Time-Biases”.  Philosophical Psychology


Kajimoto, N. Miller, K. and J Norton (2021). “Modelling Temporal Assertions for Global Directional Eliminativists” Philosophers Imprint. 21:2 1-16


Greene, P., Latham, A. J., Holcombe, A., Miller, K., and Norton, J. (2021). “The Rationality of Near Bias towards both Future and Past Events”. Review of Philosophy and Psychology. DOI: 10.1007/s13164-020-00518-1


Latham, A. J. Norton, J. and Miller, K. (2020). “An Empirical Investigation of Purported Passage Phenomenology”. The Journal of Philosophy. 10.5840/jphil2020117722  117(7): 353-386.


Latham, A. J., Miller, K, J. Norton, J. and Tarsney, C. (2020) “Future Bias in Action” Synthese. DOI: 10.1007/s11229-020-02791-0  (2021) 198(12), 11327-11349


Greene, P, Latham, A. J. Miller, K., and J Norton (2022). “Why are People So Darn Past-Biased?”. In Temporal Asymmetries in Philosophy and Psychology. Edited by C Hoerl, T McCormack, and A Fernandes. OUP. 


Latham, A. J., Miller, K and Norton, J. (2020) “Do the Folk Represent Time as Essentially Dynamical?” Inquiry.


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