I am an associate professor in the department of philosophy at the University of Sydney. I work principally in metaphysics, and I am joint director of the Centre for Time. I am interested in the nature of space, time, composition and persistence and I dabble in matters pertaining to personal identity and meta-ontology.

I bushwalk with other members of sons of the desert bushwalking troop Paul Griffiths, and David Braddon-Mitchell. You can check out our exploits at Sons of the Desert: A Bushwalking Blog.

I live with a sophisticated subjectivist, (David Braddon-Mitchell) an aesthetic objectivist (Freddie Braddon-Miller) who, inter alia, argues that  horse poo is objectively tasty, and those who don’t partake don’t know what they’re missing out on, and a moral objectivist (Annie Braddon-Miller) who argues that the good making properties of the spherical and bouncy have been radically under-appreciated.

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